tisdag 8 september 2009

Watery Wednesday

If you like water: http://waterywednesday.blogspot.com

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Sommarens sista seglast?
This summers last sailing trip?

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Guy D sa...

I love everything about this photo, its perfect.

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Lois sa...

What beautiful light! I like the way it shines on the water.


Det første jeg tenkte på da jeg så dette bildet, var "Så skimrande var aldri havet" med Lill Lindfors! Et fantastisk lys i bildet!

mitt vattenhål sa...

Love the shimmering in the water from the sun, the horizon way back and the salboat all alone out there
Great shot!

Thanks for comment on my blog


diane sa...

Simple but beautiful shot. It is sad your summer is finishing but lucky for us as ours is starting.

Jane sa...

Nice image and yes Summer is going away fast.

Denise sa...

A beautiful photo. The sunlight on the water is stunning, the sail boat a lovely addition and I like the contrast of the rocks in the foreground. A wonderfully composed photo, one which I enjoyed immensely. Thank you!