onsdag 6 maj 2009

Watery Wednesday

For more nice waterpictures visit Watery Wednesday

Vy från vår rastplats när vi tar vår långpromenad.
Både himmlen och havet är så intensivt blå den här dagen.
View when we take a break on our long walk.
This day, the sky and the sea looks so intensiv blue.

11 kommentarer:

diane sa...

My favourite colour blue. Lucky you to be able to see this view on your walks.

Lois sa...

My favorite color is blue too! These are lovely.

Tulip sa...

what a beautiful blue skyline.

Pam sa...

That looks like a wonderful place to walk to and take a break. Its beautiful.

Deb sa...

wish I was there...beautiful

Shey sa...

Gorgeous views! Very relaxing to the eyes.

Happy WW! :)

Maria Berg sa...

Det är vackert när det utspelats ett sådan skådespel på himlen.
Man kan sitta hur länge som helst och bara titta på vatten och himlen - fast ju varmare det blir så hade jag nog hoppat i.

MB - var av det bara är baren som varit i havet ännu.

Tally sa...

What a good-night treat. After a long stressful day I landed on your page - somehow.
For the last weeks I have "schären" on my mind (dont know the Swedish or English word right now) as a symbol of inner peace and decided to take a bicycle trip this summer to Stockholms island garden and the Aland Islands and maybe the Turku Islands.

I love your pictures for this reason. They will give me a good dream.

Greetings from Hamburg

bettyl sa...

What a gorgeous sky! Clouds never cease to amaze me!

J Bar sa...

Great shots of water and sky.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Audun sa...

Just lovely photos. They makes me long for those warm summer days by the sea