söndag 3 maj 2009

Datorlek / Fun whith my computer

Jag kunde inte finna någon bra bild idag, så jag började leka lite med datorn.
Jag tycker bilden blev bra. Kan du se att det bildades två hjärtan i mitten?

I couldn´t find any nice picture in my camera today, so I start to play with my computer instead.
Can you se the hearts?

4 kommentarer:

diane sa...

Yes I can see the hearts and the pretty flowers. well done!

Lúcia Russo sa...

Hi, It is awesome, I love it. Very creative.
You have so many beautiful photos from Sweden. It really must be a wonderful place. I hope I will be able to know your country some day.

Lois sa...

Yes! Very pretty!

James sa...

I see the hearts. This is very creative.