onsdag 26 augusti 2009

Strömsholms Slott - Stopp Nr 2

Strömsholms Slott (Hallstahammars kommun)byggdes 1669-81.
Strömsholms Castle was buildt 1669-81.

Runt slottet finns en djup vallgrav.
Surround the castle there is a very deep moat.

Passade på att besöka källarhålorna,
där det var svalt och skönt den här varma dagen.
This time we visit the walled of the castle, because the day was so hot.

3 kommentarer:

Judy sa...

I wonder about the lovely house in the first photo, and the slapped together walls in the third. Obviously you were in an area that the buidlers did not think needed to be pretty!
And the water in the moat is flowing quickly, too!

Lois sa...

I like that yellow color! The moat looks very dangerous!

Angel.Pearls sa...

Härlig byggnad! Liknar ett sagoslott.Kram//