torsdag 25 juni 2009

Sky Watch Friday

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På ett berg där det tidigare stod en fyr, byggdes Nynäshamns kyrka 1930. Den är ett känt landmärke för staden

Arkitekt var Lars Israel Wahlman.

Nynashamns Church was built at 1930. It's a well-known landmark for the town. Before it was a lighthouse on this mountain .

Architect: Lars Israel Wahlman

8 kommentarer:

Louise sa...

Such a WHITE cloud. The building in front of it is wonderful.

Guy D sa...

Awesome cloud in that pic, well done.

Have a nice weekend
Regina In Pictures

Tara R. sa...

The contrast between the blue of the sky and the white of the clouds is wonderful. The church makes the shot complete. Lovely composition.

Babooshka sa...

What a beautiful building under such a blue sky.

Photo Cache sa...

Beautiful sky and beautiful church. Happy skywatching.

Sanna sa...

Det är en vaker kyrka. =) Trevligt foto.

magiceye sa...


Lois sa...

What a gorgeous sky and steeple!